Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Peace with the Earth

Respect the earth.

Theme for the 22nd day of the month:

The vision of peace on earth must include peace with the earth. Acknowledging our deep connection with the earth is today’s theme. When human rhythms break down, the impact on the earth is dramatic. Our collective disharmony spreads like an infection throughout the kingdoms of nature, and results in the depletion, pollution, and destruction of life-giving resources for all.

Not so long ago, many people in the Western world viewed the relationship with the earth as one of “used” and “user”—the earth provided abundant resources and human beings were entitled to use them without restraint. To support urban–industrial ways of life and the desire for unlimited growth, many lost sight of a healthy relationship with the earth. Fortunately, this is changing dramatically.

In the last fifty years, millions of people have awakened to the importance of a healthy partnership with the earth. And with this awakening has come a worldwide movement to restore balance between human rhythms and earth rhythms. In 1962 only twenty percent of Americans thought taking care of the environment was a serious concern. Today, most of us want a healthy relationship with the earth. Awareness of the profound importance of this relationship continues to grow as we face urgent questions about the connection between human activities and climate change. A worldwide dialog about these questions is leading us to a much deeper understanding of our individual and shared responsibility for the health of our planet.

The earth has been speaking, and many are listening. Men and women from across the world are providing inspiration and facts to educate us about the needs of our living planet. As a result, many of us now accept the responsibility of caring for the earth, and strive to do so with a generous heart. Many of us ... but not all. The conflict over the use of the earth’s resources rages on, and the consequences affect everyone.

On each day of each season, in all parts of the world, the earth is communicating. Today’s theme invites us to connect with the earth—to tread lightly, and to be grateful for what we receive and awake to what we must protect. This is a matter for the heart to consider.

If we listen with our hearts, we will know what to do and how to do it, and this will change the way we live. The use of the earth’s resources will be tempered by respect and compassion, and our collective efforts will gradually restore harmony and embrace the earth in the rhythm of peace.

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