Cultivating peace in daily life.

Meditation for reducing conflict

Here’s a meditation you might find useful to cultivate inner peace today, and throughout the month:

Take a few minutes to sit quietly.  Find a position where you can be relaxed and at ease.  If you’re comfortable, close your eyes.

Take a few mindful breaths and begin to relax into the natural rhythm of your breathing.  

Bring your attention to your heart, and notice what’s active in your heart today.  Become aware of the current conflicts in your life.

Allow yourself to meet whatever arises in your experience with kind awareness and compassion.

Drawing on your own tradition and beliefs, connect with what you consider to be a Source of peace.  With each inhale, imagine receiving a stream of peace and acceptance into your heart.  Let a wave of peace flow through you.  With each exhale, let go of stress, tension, and fatigue.  Release some of the agitation and turmoil that have accumulated from the conflicts in your life.

Relax into the slow rhythm of inhaling peace, exhaling tension … inhaling peace, exhaling tension … inhaling peace, exhaling tension … and continue for a few minutes.

When you feel complete for now, and ready to return to your activities, open your eyes.  Be willing to see your conflicts with a fresh perspective.  Notice if there’s any action you want to take.  Let peace be your guide.