Cultivating peace in daily life.

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Following are 30 universal themes, one for each day of the month, to support you in cultivating both inner and outer peace in the midst of busy schedules.  Download the Rhythm of Peace calendar of daily themes.

Join us every day, or when you can.  Use these themes or create your own.  All levels of participation are welcome.  Invite your friends and family to participate in a new cycle of the rhythm of peace, starting on the first of each month.

Day 1     VisionImagine peace.

Day 2     Inner PeaceCultivate peace within.

Day 3     ContributionHonor your contribution to peace.

Day 4     PriorityMake peace a priority.

Day 5     BeliefBelieve in peace.

Day 6     PrayerPray for peace.

Day 7     Rhythms of LifeRestore the rhythms of healthy living.

Day 8     ActionTake action for peace.

Day 9     ConscienceLet wisdom be your guide.

Day 10   BalanceBalance care of self with care of others.

Day 11   LegacyLeave the world a better place.

Day 12   Hidden CharityCultivate peace with love.

Day 13   HumilityPause before you judge.

Day 14   RenewalRenew your resources.

Day 15   Waxing and WaningFollow your personal rhythm of peace.

Day 16   Deep listeningPractice the language of peace.

Day 17   Help from AboveReceive guidance and inspiration.

Day 18   BlessingBe an instrument of peace.

Day 19   SilenceFind peace in silence.

Day 20   Natural LawsCultivate peace with common sense.

Day 21   Great RhythmsRemember the big picture.

Day 22   Peace with the EarthRespect the earth.

Day 23   TruthStand for the truth.

Day 24   SimplicityMake room for peace.

Day 25   SpiritWelcome the spirit of peace.

Day 26   PoetryRenew your imagination.

Day 27   ForgivenessForgive someone today.

Day 28   RestEnjoy the peace of the night.

Day 29   CommunityCelebrate the gifts of community.

Day 30/31  CompletionPractice the art of letting go.




Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa