Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Spirit

Welcome the spirit of peace.

Theme for the 25th day of the month:

At this very moment, the spirit of peace is awakening and inspiring human hearts throughout the world. This universal spirit moves us to express our good will to each other in ways that transcend gender, class, race, religion, and nationality. It guides us in recognizing our common humanity, and helps us to embrace our differences.

Though the spirit of peace resides in every human heart, it’s up to each one of us to recognize it, awaken it, and give it expression. When we do, we can begin to see its healing influence in every aspect of life. Today’s theme is an invitation to be receptive to the spirit of peace.

There are many opportunities for receiving gifts of peace and good will in life. Our receptivity to these blessings is a factor in how they impact us. Sometimes a blessing touches us in a meaningful way. On those occasions we may feel it as a soothing breeze that uplifts and refreshes—a tangible presence of peace. At other times, a blessing that is intended for us passes by unnoticed because we have neither the time nor the space to receive it.

Receiving is an art in its own right. We prepare for it by reducing excess, as we did yesterday. We exercise our abilities to yield, open, and allow. We pause in our doing and achieving, shift our attention from the busyness of life, and listen to what is calling to us from deep within our own hearts.

Let’s be receptive to the spirit of peace today. You can stay alert to the many ways it might influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It might be through an inspiration to take action or through a deep calmness in the face of a challenge. It might be through a desire to end a cold war with a family member or friend. Maybe you will find the strength you need to say “no” to an inner or outer tyrant. Or maybe you will interact with someone today who unexpectedly awakens you and softens your heart. You might be reminded that the heart speaks all languages.

As we join together to welcome the spirit of peace, we can imagine it touching receptive hearts everywhere—healing isolation, illuminating darkness, inspiring actions—and nourishing opportunities for peace and justice throughout the world. May we each be touched today by the spirit of peace, may it move us to meaningful action, and may it bring new light and warmth to the rhythm of peace.

May the spirit of peace
live in the hearts of all people.

Check back tomorrow for a new theme!

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa