Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Action

Take action for peace.

Theme for the 8th day of the month:

Today’s theme focuses on action—direct, specific action. Each one of us is in the process of discovering, shaping, expressing, and living our unique contribution to peace. Wherever we are in that process, there’s always a meaningful next step.

Past experiences. Current skills and interests. Desire and will. Today’s circumstances and tomorrow’s commitments. World events. Time, energy, and resources. Passion and spirit. These are some of the many factors that influence what we choose to do this month for peace. Our actions will also be shaped by the failures, hardships, and personal weaknesses that challenge us, as these experiences teach humility and season maturity.

When the full range of our human experience is acknowledged, our actions become more authentic—genuine, real, and from the heart—rather than determined by empty “shoulds,” rigid standards or the expectations of others. We act from the earthiness of our life experiences as well as from the inspirations and visions that live through us—embracing both our light and our darkness. Taking potent actions for peace, both within ourselves and in the world, calls us to be authentic, original, and profoundly human.

The healing potential of the rhythm of peace is based on trust—trust that each person called to act for peace will find his or her own right actions, and trust that our combined actions will one day bring a tangible and lasting harmony to the world. With a daily focus on peace, our actions will evolve and change each month as we deepen our authenticity and take into account the individual demands of our lives and world events as they unfold. Today’s theme encourages authentic actions for peace.

What will you do this month that is authentic for you?
What actions will contribute to peace while taking into consideration
your time and talents, your resources, and the other necessities of your life?

Your actions for peace this month may be personal, local, national or global. Your efforts may extend deep into your inner life or reach far across the world or both. They may be focused on an individual, a family, a group, an organization, a community, a movement or a government. You may decide to give time, money, care, ideas or support. Reflect on your actions for peace this month. From deep within your heart, what are you called to do?

Rhythm of Peace:  Cultivating Peace in Daily Life
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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa