Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Vision

Imagine peace.

Theme for the 1st day of the month:

A new cycle of the rhythm of peace begins today, the first day of the month. A special welcome to new friends who are joining us for the first time! As we travel through the month together, we’ll create new opportunities for peace in our homes, families, and workplaces, and we’ll participate in creating a culture of peace for all.

We begin the month by using our imagination to envision peace. In doing so, we both exercise and enliven our creativity. A vision is an inspired picture of the future, a possibility not yet realized. It’s born from the fire in the heart, the “yes” to life that urges us to see new vistas of human potential and to reach for our highest ideals. It’s our human capacity to begin with a dream and turn it into a living reality. Each one of us can do this.

There’s always a natural gap between the present reality and a vision. A vision that is filled with vitality and longing, alive in human hearts, can and will inspire the courage to bridge that gap, no matter how long it might take or how challenging it might be. The energy of the vision influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions each day to move us closer to its realization. As we organize our lives around a compelling vision, we discover the power it has to sustain us. And sustain us, it must.

Those who can imagine a world united in peace, and keep that vision alive in their hearts, are a source of hope for everyone. Today is a day to pose questions, imagine, and dream...

What is your vision of personal peace?
How will it look and feel?
What is your vision of world peace?
How will it look and feel?

Consider taking some time to write down your vision of peace, and plan to renew it on the first of each month. Reach for it, and call it forth. Give it your energy and your care. Allow it to grow in vitality and clarity. Bring it to life, and let it guide your actions. May the hope and the strength of our combined visions surround the world today…

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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa