Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Truth

Stand for the truth.

Theme for the 23rd day of the month:

We live in an era where lies and deceptions are everywhere. In this environment, we’re also vulnerable to self-deception. Opinions get treated as facts, and truth is easily veiled in the dense smog of propaganda. Mechanical social responses mask genuine feelings. Stress causes us to react with fight or flight before we can respond with authenticity. False realities get spun and packaged with frightening speed using the newest technologies. It’s so refreshing when someone enlivens a conversation with an honest, direct expression of truth. There’s nothing that can clear the air like the truth.

Within our hearts, we each carry the ability to sense whether or not we’re in the presence of truth. In common speech we express this ability with phrases like “that rings true to me,” or “I can feel the truth of it.” We may not know why we feel that way, we just know.

We can also sense when something we see or hear isn’t true. We’re all bombarded with information from many sources every day. How much of it is true? So much of what we hear is mechanical and lacks warmth, wisdom, and basic common sense. Ideas that appear exciting or inviting at first glance are often not grounded in the truth at all. These days, when there are many forces trying to seduce us into thinking that true is false and false is true, our inner compass for truth may get buried in the turmoil.

Today’s theme affirms the value of bringing the light of truth into our conversations and decisions. We can focus on the truth. We can look for it, listen for it, strive to speak it, and let it shape our actions. We can use our natural ability to sense its presence or its absence, and be awake to where we might be prone to self-deception.

The challenge is to have the courage to stand for the truth, and refuse to cooperate with what we know in our hearts is not true. As we let the light of truth shine into our activities today, we help to reveal and dissolve the falseness within and around us. We bring fresh insight to our personal challenges and new clarity to the rhythm of peace. We can feel confident that the light of truth will guide us down the path to peace.

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