Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Blessing

Be an instrument of peace.

Join with others in the rhythm of peace community and use today’s theme to cultivate peace in your life.

The following text is from the book Rhythm of Peace: Cultivating Peace in Daily Life. There are 30 themes, one for each day of the month. This book is an outreach and community-building tool for the Rhythm of Peace Project, and offers a simple support structure for making peace a priority in our busy lives.

A blessing is a natural expression of love. It’s a gift, given freely to enrich another. Through blessing we extend to each other our deepest wishes that life bestow its abundant grace. We give and receive blessings at celebrations and special occasions, during times of challenge and hardship, and as part of daily rituals such as the blessing before the evening meal.

In the act of blessing, we invoke the sacred dimension of life. We align with forces greater than ourselves to carry our good will to another. By practicing the art of blessing, we become more attuned to the invisible network that links us together. We can feel that something tangible passes from spirit to spirit and heart to heart. In the atmosphere of blessing, hope is restored and the world makes more sense. The hard edges of living are softened, and judgment is replaced with gratitude.

A blessing might be expressed in a physical way, such as a gift of food, money or shelter. It might be a gift of comfort, reassurance, appreciation or encouragement. It might take the form of offering an opportunity or sharing an insight. Or it might be a prayer, thoughtfully chosen.

A blessing might include spending time with another or it might take almost no time at all. It could be a kind thought, a meaningful word, a loving glance or a simple touch. When a blessing truly carries our good will, energized by our genuine concern for the well-being of another, it becomes a potent instrument of peace.

Most of us are in situations every day that call for blessing. These are circumstances that have become infected with judgment, criticism, cynicism, and conflict. There may be circumstances where anger has erupted into hatred and violence or where hardship has created deep and profound suffering.

What situation in your life is most in need of a blessing for peace today?
Who will be the recipient of your good will?

Today’s theme encourages generosity in these situations and asks us to respond with a well-chosen blessing for peace. By doing so, we bring the healing potential of the rhythm of peace into situations where it’s most needed. Influence your world today by offering a blessing for peace.

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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa