Cultivating peace in daily life.

Today's Theme: Silence

Find peace in silence.

Theme for the 19th day of the month:

(Photograph for today's theme by Michael Chafran, M.C. Commercial Photography.)

Spacious. Deep. Safe. Penetrating. Audible. Refreshing. A sanctuary in time
. These are some of the expressions that describe the rich textures of silence. In silence, we can hear ourselves think and attune our senses to the sounds of peace.

The world is noisy. The noise can be both toxic and intoxicating at the same time. In one moment we might long for peace and quiet. In the next, we might surround ourselves with sounds that mask some inner or outer turmoil we’d rather not feel.

In silence we get re-acquainted with ourselves. We turn down the volume of daily life and become aware of quieter voices that live within. Silence cleanses perceptions and heightens awareness, helping us discern the essential from the trivial. We see and hear things that we hadn’t noticed before. The waves of the rhythm of peace continually flow through our lives; in silence we’re more able to experience them.

We can approach silence by reducing unnecessary noise. A period of relaxation or meditation devoted to exploring silence can calm a noisy, congested mind. A silent walk and a light meal can soothe a body wound too tight from the day’s demands, relaxing the muscles and the nerves. An intentional period without speaking heightens the ability to listen and observe, while offering a rest from social conversation.

It’s so common to feel an anxious inner demand to do too much in too little time, compromising both quality and common sense. Silencing this demand restores balance and well-being. Turning off the sounds of technology for an evening allows us to remember what “quiet” feels like. Silently gazing into the night sky reminds us of wider horizons and a sense of purpose.

In exploring silence, we open to deep wells of restorative energy, building our resilience to daily stress. Our collective reflections can help soothe and calm a noisy, chaotic world. May each of us find the peace in silence today.

Rhythm of Peace:  Cultivating Peace in Daily Life
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Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ~Mother Teresa